Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Paper People Research

I have been researching the creation of paper people to get inspiration and an understanding of how to create my own paper person. I started by searching online for 3D paper people figures and found a few interesting images that show different syles of paper people. I like the simplistic design of the cardboard box figures and how the different parts of the figure are made from different small boxes. This method makes it easy to position the figures in different ways and make them look alive.

Some other images i found showed more realistic looking figures with facial details and colour, however the proportions were slightly off giving it a unique look. These figures may be more difficault to animate as it would be made by cutting out a grid.

While researching online i discovered an artist named Brittany Lee. She mainly uses paper cuttings in her work as a way of bringing it to life and giving it a layered effect.